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DEEP Concept proposes an offer that combines design and production allows the customer to be able to develop his project from the electrical schematic to functional prototype.




Function Definition:

- Analysis of electrical function and schematic

- semiconductor dies choice: Silicon, Silicon Carbide, Gallium Nitride, Diamond (from 600V to 10kV)

- material choices (ceramic substrates, alloys, packaging...), example of technic ceramic substrates (AlN, Al203, Si3N4…) and metallization process (DBC, AMB...)

- Consideration of operational constraints (mission profile, environment, critical tests...)






CAD Design:

- dimensionning / pre-design

- optimization of power and command layout

- co-simulation

- 2D-3D CAD




Simulation Optimization:

- co-simulation for Design support

- RLC Modeling

- electromagnetic, electrostatic analysis

- thermomechanics simulations



Demonstrator Prototyping :

- process setup by design of experiments

- Die assembling process (top face & bottom face) : solder alloys (100°C to 500°C), wedge bonding (150 to 500µm) ; Ag-Nanosintering , conductor adhesives

- prototyping assembly by innovating technologies

- housing encapsulation / dielectric gel (up to 250°C)

Validation Characterization :


- Validation of assembling stages: 3DXRay tomography, SAM, numeric microscopy

- Characterisation of interconnections (shear test, dielectric, partial discharges...)

- Validation of electrical functions of prototypes : I-V characterizations

- Validation et norm tests on packaging material: diélectric stress, partial discharges (IEC1287)

- assembly Expertise, aging tests, power cycling